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I became a Certified Raw Chef to meet the demand for higher education

This program was developed to meet the demand for greater education in living foods and the art of raw food preparation. Personalized instruction offers a greater opportunity for a successful hands-on learning experience. Training emphasizes the use of whole, organic, non-GMO, unprocessed earth-based and simplified versions of living foods.

My personalized one-on-one or class coaching is designed to facilitate individuals coming into personal alignment with their nutritional needs while transitioning to a successful vegan life, and continuing to maintain a vibrant vegan lifestyle on a permanent basis.   Thus perpetually improving their health and the planet.

As knowledge and technology changes and advances my clients have the opportunity to keep abreast of ongoing technology and continuing nutritional education.

General one-on-one Certified Raw Chef Consulting fees:

General 15 minute consultation/evaluation       $ 30 

General 30 minute consultation                         $ 60

1 hour personalized consultation                       $200


Each one-hour consultation will include a personalized assessment and personal goal development plan uniquely crafted for you.


For a limited time only, each one hour consultation will come with an added 15 minute bonus “Troubleshoot and dissolve your trouble spots.”

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Lifestyle Coach

Nutrition Specialist