Private Chef Services


I will come to your home to prepare a healthy meal based on your preferences.

I can do a totally raw meal or vegan…which ever you prefer.

I will take into consideration any health issues and build into the menu supportive foods.




Private consulting 

Come Follow Me


Need to learn more about healthy lifestyles? I can come and help you set up a pantry, recommend books, recommend equipment and even help you get motivated and moving.

Have a specific health goal or issue? I can help you find resources and foods to support balance. Where can you get ingredients locally? What things do you have to order online? I’ll share my knowledge and offer support.




Group Instruction and seminars


I teach the basics of Raw-Vegan eating and appreciation for what healthy foods do. I share samples of prepared foods and demonstrate things as varied as how to make Kambucha, juice, sprout, make quick healthy meals, make kefir from coconut milk, how to work with coconuts, alternate sweeteners and thickeners and more.

Each seminar has a theme that highlights a specific food.

I go over how to overcome obstacles and myths surrounding the raw-vegan lifestyle.


For many I have monthly seminars which vary in theme and content. 


 Contact info:  or 609-892-8188

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