I am April Bromiley, 41 years old, 23 years married and 6 years a parent.

I want to show you my journey to raw/vegan foods.

In January of 2006. I couldn't walk right, half my tongue was numb, I couldn't hold a pen to write, I had a dead right leg, was urinating on myself and worst of all my insurance wouldn't pay to have me get an MRI until I fought for 6 months! They found 3 lesions on my brain and pumped me up with steroids. The head of the MS department at Thomas Jefferson said it was Multiple Sclerosis. I never was truly sick before. It was a nightmare. You see that precious little boy in the picture? He adores me. His name is Kamerin. He made me a necklace that I could shake when I needed to be reminded that he loved me. We were his foster parents and legally adopted him from the division of youth and family services of NJ. I was the only stability he ever knew. He was convinced I would die in that bed and went home with my dear husband of 23 years and would urinate on his books in his room and cry at his window for me. It was awful. I call these, "The dark days".


So everyone and his brother contacted me with friends who had MS and truthfully, I didn't return a single call. I didn't want others experiences to define the road I had to travel ahead. So after several attempts at reading 'MS' books, I turned to Dr. Oz and Rosen's , YOU THE OWNERS MANUEL. I actually found comfort in those pages. In the middle of this a friend suggested I visit an acupuncturist in my area that was very knowledgeable about natural healing. So I went. Justin Bean...what a wonderful, comforting truth teller! Right away he said there is no cure for MS except for food...that I would have to give up all animal products and there was a big lump in my throat because I knew he was right...I didn't know why, but something told me it was true. Now let me tell you something...there was Ben, Jerry and then there was my husband! I also had a pretty big love affair with butter too so immediately I felt loss. Justin sent me home to read THE CHINA STUDY and I found EAT TO LIVE as well. These books changed me forever. I used to enjoy cheese steak subs but suddenly a picture of me in a wheel chair would lessen the desire. I just kept conjuring up images of me with a walker, in a bed, dragging my foot, and all those foods I ate started to look less appealing. So I ceremoniously emptied my freezer, cried and bought $300.00 worth of used Vegan cookbooks on Amazon.


I haven't looked back. My husband was so scared to lose me...lose the me he grew to recognize, that he whole heartedly supported the diet change. I am very grateful...I know I am very fortunate to have him.


The MS Dr. told me that diet had nothing to do with MS and that I should start injections to suppress my immune system. I made a deal with him. I told him that in 6 months if I was better from diet, then I wouldn’t do the injections. But if I get worse, I will submit to them. He told me in no uncertain terms that I shouldn't expect to shrink the lesions as they were permanent brain damage. I said ok and began my new life...shaky, weak and tired...but determined to do this. I thought that my body may or may not betray me but it won't be because of what I put in my mouth! 6 months later I got another MRI. I read the notes at the bottom....all 3 lesions were significantly shrunk!!!! I took the film back to him...he had nothing to say! He mumbled, "Maybe you were especially inflamed when the pictures were taken!"


I never went back. I went to a local Neurologist just to have someone close by and he couldn't believe I wasn't on medications. I told him over and over, "I am on medications! They're called fruits and vegetables and grains!!"


I am about 75% raw 25% vegan with my family. My boy takes his lunches to school and the teachers gather round his food containers to see what he has today. It's hysterical. It's teaching him to be strong too and that it's ok to be different then others. Now we prepare food together and his goal is to be a vegetarian chef and I can take care of the raw stuff in his future restaurant. He is 9 now. I believe him.


 People constantly are asking me about diet, health and food. I love it too. Living food...what can I say...I truly love and have a passion for it. Why not learn how to help others better? I remember how lost, alone and confused I felt when I was sick. I wish I had a friend back then like me today...maybe I can be that friend to someone else who needs my knowledge an experience.




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