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Derek Locker


Dallas, Texas




It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that obesity and disease are related, just read the newspaper or listen to the evening news broadcast.  Americans seem to have the knack of devising new and innovative ways to avoid healthy lifestyles.  An Associated Press (AP) article on December 2004 quoted Dr. Christina Wee of Harvard Medical School as saying; "Part of the American dream and sort of life of leisure is that you also have some negative effects, and obesity is one of the major side effects of the success of technology and just having a life of leisure".  Americans are not greedy with their obesity either.  According to the same AP article, in immigrants that lived in the United States less than ten years obesity was a rarity.  "The obesity rate of immigrants that lived in the U.S. for less than a year was only 8 percent, but that jumped to 19 percent among those who had been here for at least 15 years." 

Obesity has long been associated with diabetes and now a study of more than one million (1,000,000) Koreans suggested that diabetes can increase the risk of developing and dying from several types of cancer.

Obesity among raw vegans is almost non-existent.  The choice is yours.  Eat a standard American diet or change to a raw lifestyle.


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