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Linda Clark

Reno, NV


My name is Linda Clark. I am 59 years old and I was born and raised ( that is until I was 26) in New Jersey, (a great place to be from.) I have five sisters, 4 children ( one adopted) and 6 grandchildren. ( the light of my life ( next to Jesus)

About 3 years ago I started to have what I thought were the usual aches and pains of old age creeping upon me. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia ( a disorder causing tiredness, aching muscles, and sleep disorders associated with abnormal levels of the brain chemicals that submit nerve signals) ( wow)!!! I started to take herbal supplements. Lots and lots of them. I overdosed on them and my liver enzymes began to rise. So…the doctor told me to stop them.
I was then sent to a few specialists to see why I was always 1) tired, 2) dizzy, 3) nauseous. And………. I also had bone density loss in my right and left femur, ( couldn’t get up once I bent down) and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis ( also known as degenerative disease) in my hands and feet.
ARE YOU BORED YET? Am I describing you?
The neurologist said that I had some sort of white spots going on in my brain and he was about to start looking for Lupus or M.S and started me on some meds.
I was already taking meds for high-blood pressure, acid-reflux disease, and Zanax for the sleep depravation…… why not?
I used them for 2 weeks ……..and used the Lord’s name in vain at one point, because I was just not me………that did it…..I threw them away and went to see a nutritionist/ massage therapist.
She laid her hands upon me and announced that my body was full of toxins.
They had to go………….
And……….I had so much blockage in my neck that I wasn’t getting enough blood flow to my brain. The blood carries the oxygen and I needed more oxygen in my brain!!!!!
I was off of all the meds I had been using for years, my energy is unsurpassed, the dizziness gone, the acid reflux, gone, the high-blood pressure, gone, I sleep like a baby, and after a few more months………..
The arthritis in my hands and feet was gone, my eyesight improved and my gums were healing
( bonus) and the bone density loss ………well, I can bend down, AND GET BACK UP!



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