The Raw Greek

Kalomoira (kaloMEEra) Zannou

Toluca Lake, CA



Kalomoira means "good destiny", so her goal is to help others  to have good destiny themselves when they change to nature's foods which clears your head and causes you to make better choices in life.

Kalomoira would like to inspire people to get more energetic, youthful and clear-headed while being really happy about making a transition (not seeing it as a chore). She would like people to understand that it's not natural to be sick.

Kalomoira is very enthusiastic about the raw food lifestyle and it rubs off on people. She's already inspired people to change over, and they've been excited by their results.

Kalomoira has been about 80% raw for ten years until 2005 when she increased that to 99% raw. Within just ten days of that change, she felt a difference in her energy level and saw her face get smoother and younger. At the age of 46 she is stronger and leaner than she was at 16 on the usual cooked food diet.

Kalomoira only leaves the one percent because she feels it's OK to occassionally eat some lightly cooked vegetables, or thawed fruit and veg. She thinks it's still food that's specific to humans, and the occasional damage by a little cooking is not harmful, like "foods" such as flour products, for example.

For those who are interested in having a healthier, more vital life, Kalomoira can teach them how to leave their cooked lifestyle behind by discussing all aspects of the raw food lifestyle . She will keep them inspired to carry on with changes, despite any setbacks (which usually are inevitable). She is also good at counseling people with all feelings they're going through.

Kalomoira is  available for Raw Lifestyle Coaching in North Hollywood, Burbank, Toluca Lake, Studio City, and Glendale. She is also available for telephone consults at 818-381-1755.

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Kalomoira is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a  Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Chef, Raw Nutrition Specialist, and Raw Personal Trainer)