Benefits of Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juice

Living a long life, a healthy life without illness is everyone’s ideal situation.


Regardless of the advances made in medicinal science, the number of people suffering

from illness due to unhealthy daily habits is increasing. These unhealthy habits

include consuming instant and fast food among other unprofitable foods, eating a

meat-centered diet, and overeating. When eating instant or fast food, the ingredients

take longer to break down in the body and remain in the digestive system for a long

time.  Overeating or a meat-centered diet is often criticized because of the lack of

nutritional balance.

According to current research, humans lack vitamins easily found in fruits and vegetables

such as calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B2, C, D, zinc, folic acid, and iron.

These vitamins and minerals play a protective role in maintaining health.  Eating

fresh fruits and vegetables can help fight obesity and is the key to improving health.

It has been proven that improving eating habits can help prevent and treat illnesses.

The goal of individuals should be to change unhealthy diets to obtain vitamins and

minerals through consumption of fruits and vegetables.


Besides taking vitamin and mineral supplements, eating fresh fruits and vegetables

is recommended because of the various live enzymes. Enzymes can help increase

cell metabolism and help all living things maintain life. These enzymes are especially

present in fresh fruits and vegetables and are weakened when cooked with heat.


We can protect our health simply by eating fruits and vegetables full of enzymes, and

various vitamins and minerals.



The westernized eating habits has increased “progressive-country cancer”

The fruit and vegetable intake of Americans has helped lower cancer-related deaths.


According to results from a health insurance company, there were 91,720 patients suffering

from colon cancer. 34,918 of those were under 50 years of age, 38% of the total. It

means 4 out of 10 colon cancer patients are under fifty. In the U.S., 24% of colon cancer

patients are under 50 (U.S. Cancer Research Foundation, 2005).


The number of patients suffering from pulmonary disease is also increasing. The total

breast cancer patient number is 84,610. 46% or 38,925 breast cancer patients are under

40 and 29,530 patients are in their 40’s.


This trend is similar for heart disease patients. Based on research, 42% or 286,086 patients

are under 50. 16.6% of diabetes patients are in their 50’s, 15.4% in their 60’s and

14.2% in their 70’s (National Health Survey, 2005).


GabBum Huh, the past president of the National Geriatric Disease Association states,

“Those that have eaten a lot of meat since young are more prone to these illnesses than others. (Choson Times Article, 5-29-2008)


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