Food is Medicine

Fresh Juice Is the Contemporary Health Food


Food is part of a person’s existence and growth. It plays a vital role in the preservation of

health and treatment of illnesses. The chances of becoming ill have increased in recent

years because of the variety of food cultures and the changes in eating habits. A rational

diet affects not only the preservation of health but prevention and treatment of diabetes,

heart disease, and stroke among others sicknesses.


Apart from eating as something to do when hungry, food is being recognized as a way

to treat illness. An abundance of vitamins, minerals, and cancer-preventing components

and enzymes are present in fruits and vegetables. Drinking juice that preserves the fruit

in its natural state is being recognized as an excellent health product. Fruit, vegetable juice are 

ideal products because they are made up of quality ingredients, does not make one full, helps

with digestion and is quick to make.

It is very important to prepare vegetable and fruit juice with a healthy method. The way juice is prepared changes the taste and nutrition of the Product.  Standard juicers with high-speed rotation of the blades  and the frictional heat from a standard juicer will cause juice to create layers.The Slow juicer does not shred or grind but gently presses the fruit to extract juice while preserving the natural taste and nutrition of the fruit.





This  webpage is full of recipes and simple directions. Recipes are easy to follow and made with ingredients that are easy to find. This recipes are not only for this wanting to preserve health but also for students, adults, and individuals suffering from illnesses.


Fruit juice


Fruit juice made from the Slow Juicer is gently pressed not crushed, which preserves the natural

taste, fragrance, color and nutrients of the fruit.


• Fresh fruits are abundant in vitamins and minerals such as lycopene, antosianin and beta-carotene to fight cancer and aging and improve skin.


• Fruit juices sold in store are full of artificial flavoring and coloring and is not effective in

preserving health.


• Fruit mixed in a blender is not up to par with juice extracted by the Slow Juicer because

it has been oxidized.


Fresh Vegetable/Fruit Juice


Living a long life, a healthy life without illness is everyone’s ideal situation.


Regardless of the advances made in medicinal science, the number of people suffering

from illness due to unhealthy daily habits is increasing. These unhealthy habits

include consuming instant and fast food among other unprofitable foods, eating a

meat-centered diet, and overeating. When eating instant or fast food, the ingredients

take longer to break down in the body and remain in the digestive system for a long

time. Overeating or a meat-centered diet is often criticized because of the lack of

nutritional balance.


According to current research, humans lack vitamins easily found in fruits and vegetables

such as calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B2, C, D, zinc, folic acid, and iron.

These vitamins and minerals play a protective role in maintaining health. Eating

fresh fruits and vegetables can help fight obesity and is the key to improving health.

It has been proven that improving eating habits can help prevent and treat illnesses.

The goal of individuals should be to change unhealthy diets to obtain vitamins and

minerals through consumption of fruits and vegetables.


Besides taking vitamin and mineral supplements, eating fresh fruits and vegetables

is recommended because of the various live enzymes. Enzymes can help increase

cell metabolism and help all living things maintain life. These enzymes are especially

present in fresh fruits and vegetables and are weakened when cooked with heat.


We can protect our health simply by eating fruits and vegetables full of enzymes, and

various vitamins and minerals.


Strawberry Juice


The red coloring in strawberries from lycopene strengthens the immune system

and circulatory system slowing down the aging process. Strawberries have a high

Vitamin C content compared to other fruit. Eating 5-6 strawberries a day will provide

the necessary daily Vitamin C dose.

Put the whole strawberry including the stem into the Slow Juicer. It is not only less

troublesome but the juice is extracted better.



Mango Juice


Mangoes contain vitamins A, C, D and magnesium. The vitamin A in mangoes is

especially effective in maintaining beautiful skin and the orange color is effective in

preventing cancer.


Melon Juice


Melons have an abundance of vitamin C and carotene, which relieves fatigue, stress

and prevents aging. The potassium content in melons is high making it suitable for

high blood pressure and strengthening kidney functions.


Pear Juice


Pears have a large amount of pectin and fiber. The potassium in pears will speed up

metabolism and promote kidney functions. Protein enzymes will help the digestion

of meat and is effective for individuals with weak organs or lungs. It is also helpful in

treating cough and asthma.


Blueberry Juice


Blueberries have a high antiosianin content preventing cancer, stroke, aging and

dementia. It is also good in restoring vision and improving memory.


Apple Juice


Apples are abundant not only in vitamins and minerals but also in cancer preventing

ingredients. The receptive fiber in pectin is effective in treating constipation and

diarrhea. The acidity will promote digestion and the absorption of iron. Also, the citric

acid in apples relieves stress and fatigue and is helpful in skin care.


Pomegranate Juice


Pomegranates contain the female hormone estrogen so it is effective for women going

through menopause. The seeds contain estrogen and the pulp contains vitamins

to give energy and treat high blood pressure and blood clots.

The origin of the pomegranate may affect the color and amount of juice produced.


Watermelon Juice


The fructose and glucose in watermelons are absorbed quickly by the body and are effective

in treating fatigue. It is also good for heart disease, kidney disease, high blood

pressure and edema caused by pregnancy.



Orange Juice


Oranges have vitamin C, flavonoid and beta-carotene to prevent aging, strengthen

the immune system and raise resistance against sickness and cancer.


Grapefruit Juice


Grapefruits have vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and are low in calories making it

ideal for diets. The plentiful citric acid is effective against fatigue and lowers cholesterol

preventing blood clots.


Pineapple Juice


Pineapples are a tropical fruit high in sugar and is good in treating fatigue. Also, it

is effective in breaking down protein enzymes, speeding up digestion and treating

arthritis. It has an abundance of vitamin C making it effective as a skin beautifier.

Pineapples are sweet and the fragrance is strong making it useful in mixing

with vegetables.


Grape Juice


The purple coloring caused by flavonoid prevents blood clots and strengthens the

heart. The plentiful minerals promote muscular strength and the pectins and tannins

in grapes is good for the digestive system.


Tomato Juice


Tomatoes were selected by Time magazine as one of the ten healthiest foods. Lycopene,

present in tomatoes, is highly effective in preventing aging and cancer. It is

low in calories making it an ideal dietary food and is helpful in preventing high blood

pressure and blood clots.


Cherry tomatoes are smaller than regular tomatoes but denser in nutrients and higher

in calories. But because both are overall low in calories they are ideal for dieters.





Consuming fruits and vegetables through juice rather than chewing can shorten digestion time and raise absorption.


The remnants of the fruit when eaten directly will lower absorption to 17% and take as

long as 3-5 hours. Discarding the fiber and drinking juice will increase absorption to 68%

and digestion time to only 10-15 minutes.



Vegetable juice


Vegetable juice is highly effective in preventing aging and fighting cancer.


Fresh vegetables are not only full of vitamins and minerals but abundant  in enzymes and chlorophyll. It can strengthen the immune system and remove waste cleaning out the body. It has a natural healing ability to help humans become healthier.


How to Make Vegetable Juice


Mix Vegetables Low In Moisture With Fruits


Vegetables are naturally lower in moisture and sugar content than fruits. Adding pears,

melons or apples, which are high in liquid and sugar content to enhance flavor.


Cut Fibrous Vegetables Into Small Pieces


Fibrous vegetables like celery should be cut into thin long strips when possible.


Vegetables With Roots Should Be Washed Thoroughly

Any grit or sand left on the root should be washed carefully and thoroughly to prevent

damage to the Slow Juicer.


Wheatgrass Juice


Wheatgrass is abundant with vitamins and minerals. It is effective in preventing aging and cancer. It cleans blood, increases circulation, lowers blood pressure and keeps blood vessels strong.

Wheatgrass can be easily grown at home or purchased from the Internet and local growers.


Potato Juice

Potato is abundant in potassium removing excess sodium from the body. It prevents high blood pressure and treats gastric ulcers and kidney trouble.


Carrot Juice

Carrots are full of beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A, preserving eyesight, cancer and aging. It is also good for skin.

The orange color of the carrot may dye the brush but the color will wash out naturally when the next ingredient is used.


Broccoli Juice

Broccoli has selenium, a cancer-preventing component. It is also abundant in beta-carotene and other minerals, which prevent aging and lifestyle related illnesses.


Celery Juice

The unique smell of celeries can increase appetite and relieve fatigue. It controls perspiration, promotes diuresis and keeps body temperature warm. It has an abundance of fiber and is beneficial in co ntrolling digestion, lowering cholesterol, preventing aging, constipation, and cancer among other illnesses. It is also effective in treating nervous system failure, food poisoning, menopause and neuralgia.


Spinach Juice

Spinach is high in calcium making it ideal for women with anemia and children with skeletal symptoms. It also promotes physical growth and is abundant in vitamin A and improves vision.


Aloe Juice

The stickiness of aloe is effective in treating ulcers and helps cell regeneration. It increases cell regeneration and organ capacity. It also treats diuresis and constipation. The gelatin of the aloe also helps prevent cancer.

Add a pear or melon and switch between aloe and fruit while juicing.


Cabbage Juice

Cabbages are full of vitamin D and will lower mucus accumulation. It lowers temperature through vitamin U and is abundant in vitamin K, which prevents osteoporosis. It also controls carcinogens and is effective against stomach and colon cancer.


Kale Juice

Kale is high in protein and vitamins. It is abundant in a variety of minerals and can treat lifestyle related illnesses. It removes waste from the intestines and helps prevent liver poisoning and anemia while increasing blood circulation.

Add apples or melons to remove bitterness and increase the amount of juice.


Paprika Juice

Paprika lowers cholesterol and promotes growth in children. It is also good in treating atrophy and the plentiful vitamins help manage skin and prevent aging.


Corn Juice

Corn juice can be a meal replacement for busy individuals. A combination of fruits or vegetables and corn can provide an abundance of nutrients.

Corn has three times the fiber of rice. Fiber speeds up digestion and cleans out the intestines. It relieves constipation and prevents gastroenteritis. It is also the perfect meal replacement for individuals who do not have time to exercise consistently.

• Corn is high in protein and carbohydrates but low in vitamins and minerals.

• Fruits and vegetables are plentiful in vitamins and minerals but low in protein and carbohydrates.

Mixing corn with fruits and vegetables will provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals while satisfying hunger. It is full of protein, which makes it an ideal dietary product.


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