David Barron

Hillsdale Ontario, Canada

Email:  dbarron@gmx.com


Transitioning to the raw food diet can sometimes be difficult.  Many people today have been experiencing the benefits of eating foods just the way that they were created.  Testimonies of people reversing cancer, diabetes, and other disease, as well as losing large amounts of weight has changed the lives of many.  

If you want to make a change in life, and are looking for emotional and spiritual support during these times, or having other troubles with health and just need a plan or direction, and are looking for help in making this transition, our services include phone consultations, meal planning, Personal coaching and shopping, recipes and even personal visits where we can help with cooking, juicing and other lifestyle changes. 

Our focus is to bring to you a change in lifestyle that will change your life forever bringing emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. 

David Barron is a certified Raw Foods Health Coach, nutrition specialist, fitness coach, and raw chef.   His practice is based in Barrie, Ontario.  His goal is to create a client-coach relationship that can create practical wellness solutions.  It is his utmost desire that you might prosper and be in health.

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