Health Coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach and is designed to help the client get started with a healthy lifestyle change.  The coaching is designed to support the client, and create accountability for the client, to give him support in changing his lifestyle, to help him with shopping, to put together a schedule for him.  We want to help the client to deal with the change and to deal with some of the issues that can come when doing a transition so that he/she can experience the power of healing or lose weight, or reach his/her goals.

I want to help you tap into the fountain of life, to drink the healing waters.  To realize the life that is in the food, and the minerals, the enzymes that it was naturally created with in order to give you that spiritual and physical victory over the controlling influence of the SAD (Standard American/Canadian Diet) and lifestyle.  To realize there is a better way, a way to live abundantly, and to experience wellness, to be young again, to feel light again, to reverse disease, to have a clear mind, to open up the fountain of youth. 

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David Barron

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