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"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to feel great all of the time?
To awaken in the mornings looking forward to each day? To work hard but
still have plenty of energy to spare at the end of the day for play? To
look terrific and to feel good about yourself and your life? To keep
good health throughout old age and not suffer from 'normal' age related,
degenerative conditions? To know you have everything you need to meet
whatever challenges you may face? Sound like a utopian deam?  It's not.
it's something within your grasp - something called UltraHealth.

UltraHealth is not the same thing as preventative medicine, medical
self-care or holistic medicine, nor is it simply another weight loss
diet.  All of these disciplines concentrate on either preventing or
treating illness and quick fix (short-lived), one dimensional results.
Although UltraHealth can share in some of the benefits of all of these,
in reality it is very different and goes far beyond them.  For
UltraHealth does not focus primarily on disease, its prevention or on
losing weight.  Instead, its major focus is learning to live at the
peaks - to explore the heights - of wellbeing and maintaining this state
throughout life to support longevity."


Are you experiencing less than optimal health?
You are what you eat! Over the years, I have found this familiar phrase
to be truer than I ever imagined, yet many people are just now waking up
to this fact.

Since you are reading this message, itís likely that you too recognize
just how important diet is to your physical, emotional, and mental
health Ö and also how increasing the proportion of raw food in your diet
can lead to dramatic results on every level. Positive results like more
energy, better sleep, increased mental clarity and focus, connection to
nature, and experiencing amazing synchronicities on a regular basis.

Be Educated! Be Motivated! Be Inspired!
Are you interested in your health and cutting-edge wellness
breakthroughs? You will be educated and supported to eat and live for
high-level wellness.

Do you experience deep love for our Earth and want to learn more about
what you can do to protect her? You will be motivated to take action!

Would you like to include more raw foods in your diet, but need more
variety? Do you miss your favorite comfort foods on your current diet
and want satisfying substitutes? You will learn to prepare food to
satisfy your cravings in a healthy way.

Do you love to watch thought-provoking documentaries about health,
healing, animal welfare, and the environment Ö films that stimulate your
consciousness and exercise your mind? You will be invited to film
evenings and discussions on issues you care about.

Are you a busy person and donít have time to research all the different
approaches to diet or prepare nutritious meals?  You can order prepared
meals delivered to your door.

Start the Journey

Get started on your journey to UltraHealth today by completing a free
face-to-face or on-line assessment.

Go to the Contact Me page and request an appointment for an assessment
interview or request a form to be emailed to you to complete and return.
I will look at your current level of health, your lifestyle, needs and
goals to create an individualized map to guide you through uncharted
territory back to your normal state of UltraHealth.

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