Melanie Bouffard

Ipley near Marchwood

Southampton, UK


   Have you been looking for information or help about becoming a raw vegan?   Need help in either English or French?  Melanie is bilingual.  A trained  librarian, proficient with the Internet and all search facilities, she is able to research and access information most people would be unable to find. An avid reader and subscriber to many  forums and newsletter, she has a vast knowledge of raw literature and keeps herself informed of any new developments or studies in the raw vegan realm.  If she does not have what you are looking for she is able to direct you to resources and the people who may be able to help you.  Having managed a health food store for 4 years she is knowledgeable of health food facilities and outlets.  Like everyone else she is still very much on her raw food journey and has experience with various ways of eating raw, so she is more than able to offer advice and empathy from personal experience.  It is hard to find someone that love's to share that is a very tolerant and understanding person, Melanie is that person. 

    Melanie is available for email and phone consultations. She is also available as a live-in raw chef or personal trainer, willing to travel/tour with you as your own personal chef or trainer. Need someone to work in your raw food restaurant or at raw food retreats?  Contact Melanie.








Melanie is certified trough Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Trainer.