Melanie Bouffard



How did you get interested in the diet?

I came to raw foods after 16 years on and off as a vegetarian. During a trip to the USA, I met a man who is the owner of a raw food cafe in Philadelphia, who inspired me to transition to vegan, then raw vegan. I am currently averaging 95% raw,  and would probably be close to100% if it wasn't for these pasteurized almonds from California ! I am now feeling a lot calmer, with an increased enjoyment and awareness of my surroundings, and have been able to make decisions I probably would not have made had I remained on a cooked diet. To my surprise, I experience very few food cravings and am in fact far less obsessed with foods than I used to !


How can people benefit from your services?

I like to listen and am a very helpful person by nature, enjoying helping to improve people's lifestyle and very excited when people start feeling better thanks to my help !  I can, I believe, offer moral support, advice from my personal experience and reading recommendations for people wanting to transition or who just show an interest in the diet. I am happy to answer any questions they have thanks to my personal knowledge, and can research anything they want to know that I am not sure about, and redirect people to health professionals such as naturopaths etc. I believe I would be able to guide people in their journey towards a raw lifestyle


Exactly what is it you do in the field of raw foods ?

I live raw foods 100% every day, they are part of my daily life when I wake up, when I go to bed and all the time in between ! I want to spread the word about raw foods. I can help people who are currently transitioning and ask me challenging questions every day - I offer mental support and answer all queries to the best of my abilities, which often involves me researching the subject in depth.  I feel people need to be introduced to the philosophy behind the lifestyle, and to the scientific evidence backing up the diet.  I am available as a  raw food coach in order to reach and be able to help more people. I would also be interested in any live in positions as a trainer/adviser. I am however not keen on raw food chef endeavors - whilst I believe that raw foods "gourmet" dishes may have their place in a transitional diet, or occasionally as "treats" in raw foods diets, I personally do not support nor use such equipment as dehydrators, and favor simple, unadultured foods in my diet as well as mono meals. I am weary of food combining from personal experience and research, and would not use more than 3-4 foods per meal. The simpler, the better ! Our ancestors did not make complicated dishes but picked and ate fruit/seeds/nuts straight off the tree.

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