Allen Mannies

Phoenix, Arizona



I am called “Elder Vegan” by many people.  Although I am not that old (69 years) I guess I am the elder spokesman for the raw foods lifestyle.  I have been studying food and nutrition for about 30 years.  I began learning from the late Dr. Herbert Shelton of the Natural Hygiene movement and it has culminated with the living, raw foods life I live today.  I share the information I have with anyone who is interested in good health, lots of energy and optimum weight control. 

            As I have progressed in my raw foods life I have noticed that many people are espousing raw foods but the information they offer is not always beneficial.  I try to make sure that all the information I share will benefit everyone in every way possible.  Whether trying to lose weight, ease the problems of ill health or simply be healthier, I offer guidance that promotes a better life both physically and mentally.  Learn what it is like to have boundless energy and clarity of mind like you had when you were a child. 

            I am certified by the Ekaya Institute as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Food Nutritional Counselor, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and Raw Personal Trainer.  This has helped me immensely in my ability to help others.  I am currently organizing a Raw Foods Support Group in the North Phoenix, Scottsdale area. 

            Good health or the same old aches and pains.  The choice is yours.  Contact Allen today at to begin a great new life today.

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