My name is Allen.  I am proud to be known as the elder spokesperson for the Raw Foods lifestyle.  I believe eating raw, living foods is a requirement for being as healthy as possible.  The diet is not an easy one for most people.  They cannot go from cooked foods to all raw foods immediately.  That is why it is recommended to begin gradually and transition to 100% raw over time.  Some people will find it better to only go up to 75-80% raw.  I spend a lot of my time helping people make the transition and encouraging them so they donít get discouraged.

          When I began living the raw food way, my wife was aghast.  She thought I had gone completely crazy, but she tolerated it; even tried to do it with me.  I decided to be patient and allow the results to speak for themselves.  One day she came to me and said if I wanted to stay on raw foods forever, it was OK with her, because after a few months on the diet, she weighed less than she had in many years.  Now I think she is more enthusiastic than anyone about the diet.

          At our family Thanksgiving dinner, I made a raw blueberry and a raw apple pie.  When my wife, Doris, announced they were raw, the looks from the rest of the family told me she might have been better off keeping that fact a secret.  I didnít have to worry, though.  They were the first desserts to disappear that day.  Since then I have had a few questions from the family looking for other ideas about going raw.

Cooked foods have had their enzymes destroyed or altered to an unhealthy form and can result in conditions that simply do not allow good health.  No wonder the Standard American Diet is referred to as SAD.  When we eat raw foods, we are getting the nutrition that nature intended.  I try to make myself available for anyone interested in optimizing their health, losing weight or just renewing their energy.  I make myself available at for those who wish my counsel.

Of course, I encourage everyone to see their health professional if they think they have or might have an illness before trying to change their lifestyle. 


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