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Leland Stoelwinder

Birmingham, Alabama


Are you looking for raw food delivery service in the Birmingham, Alabama area and/or a live-in raw food chef who can travel and work at your raw food retreats? Then Leland is your man.

Leland became a vegetarian in January 2001 when he turned 19.  He had always heard about meat being unhealthy and found meat-substitutes.  In November of 2001 he had transitioned to a vegan diet and cut out all milk, eggs and cheese.  At that time he became an animal activist and started promoting the vegan diet and opposing animal cruelty through PETA and Vegan Outreach, including touring across Canada with a band and visiting colleges and universities.  In 2003 he rediscovered the raw food diet again and took another look at it.  After going to a raw foods book talk and seeing for himself someone who was thriving on the diet, he decided it was time to go raw. Soon after that, he went on a 10 day fast, and then cutting things out of his diet.  First he got rid of rice and pasta and substituted it for zucchini pasta, and then stopped eating any cooked vegetables.  He started purchasing things that were new to him such as avocados, young coconuts, kale and sundried tomatoes. 

Leland's family and pets were carbon monoxide poisoned and have had to deal with many related problems.  Becoming vegetarian was his first step to detoxifying his body from the poison.  His dog died of a rare cancer in her heart, which led him to learn about raw foods for pets. He now has another dog who is doing well on raw foods. 


Leland Stoelwinder is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Chef, Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Raw Nutrition Specialist)


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