Vanessa Sherwood

Certified Raw Chef and Raw Lifestyle Coach
Chicago, IL


Vanessa Sherwood is a Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Chef in Chicago IL. She is also available for telephone consultations with surrounding suburbs.

Vanessa has been a vegetarian all of her life.  She likes food preparation which makes her a great choice for anyone in search of a raw food chef or caterer.  She enjoys working one on one with people.  For those needing help in transitioning to a raw food diet Vanessa is ready to help!

Vanessa is available to speak at health food stores, schools, businesses, hospitals, community centers and private events about the benefits of living food for health and increased energy. She is also interested in working at raw food retreats.

(Vanessa Sherwood is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Chef and Raw Lifestyle Coach)

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