Raw food nourishes cells and sustains life.  Cooked and processed food provides
the body with calories as fuel to burn but also creates stress in the body because
itís not recognized as nourishment, but toxins.  The body sets out to attack the
toxins and uses a lot of valuable energy that could be used for other things.

The best way to care for your live body is to:

ē Eat Raw
ē Detoxify
ē Stop ingesting toxic substances

Even with a perfect diet, we are bombarded with toxic, harmful substances. Thatís
why itís important to cleanse and detoxify.  Having tried many cleansing methods
and cleansing products, Iíve discovered a miraculous product!

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Best wishes to you on your journey to vibrant good health and healing!

Cathy Sever
Certified Raw Vegan Chef and Coach
Ordained Minister of Healing
Professional Speaker

At this time, I am not able to accept new clients for coaching services.