Phyllis Brewer

Certified Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Food Chef
Weldon, CA

I would like to help the people of our community. To begin, I am availalbe to give talks to interested persons. I am not really interested in making money, I really want to help people eat healthier, and to gradually transition to a raw foods diet. Raw foods really is the only way to eat. I am really convinced of that. I am about 60 percent raw and 40 percent other at this point. I may start a raw delivery service and someday maybe even a resturant. I may also do some fitness training for the elderly. I may also start food combining classes. All of these ideas are dependant on the local interest in raw food and eating healthier.

Phyllis is available as a Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Chef in Weldon, California.

(Phyllis Brewer is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Chef, Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Raw Nutrition Specialist)