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Alan Moglovkin

Certified Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Food Chef, Raw Personal Trainer, and Raw Lifestyle Coach with Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education, and is a Certified Reflexologist
Ypsilanti, MI

     Alan Moglovkin believes the raw vegan diet is a way of mindful eating that uses food to heal.  He feels it's healthy, nutritious, and sound.  While others may think it's radical, Alan feels it's really a question of education. 

   Alan is available in the Greater Ann Arbor area to educate, and is also willing to travel.  If you have a need for a live-in chef/personal trainer, a speaker for a raw food retreat, or just need help getting started on your raw vegan path to health, Alan is the one to call.  He is also interested in organizing a cooperative raw food restaurant. 

   You may contact Alan by email or by calling him at 734-904-1933