Kevin Lahue

Burbank, California



Kevin is a Certified Raw Food Chef and Raw Lifestyle Coach available for those in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles California area.  He is ready to help others through telephone or email consultations.  He will use his extensive background in the culinary arts and his superb teaching ability to help you in your quest for better health as you turn to the raw vegan lifestyle.

Kevin has been a certified chef for thirteen years and has now added raw chef to his list of qualifications.  He has studied zen cooking with the monks of the Kanzeon, Buddhist temple.  Currently he is turning traditional zen recipes into raw recipes.  He has contributed both cooking and nutritional articles to Kungfu/Q. Gong magazine.

If you are in need of a part time chef in a raw food restaurant or need help at a raw food retreat Kevin is ready to help.

(Kevin Lahue is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Foods Chef and Raw Foods Lifestyle Coach)


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