Natasha Kyssa

Ottawa, ON  Canada

(613) 234-0806



Certified Raw Food Chef, Certified Raw Food Nutrition Specialist, Certified Raw Personal Trainer, and Certified Raw Lifestyle Coach; and a Living Food Educator and graduate of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute



Natasha has been a Raw Vegan for over thirteen years - LONG BEFORE PERSONAL WEBSITES AND ONLINE DELIVERY SERVICE!!!  She learned the benefits of wholesome unrefined foods from her Austrian mother who ran a veggie Tea Room.  Even as a youngster her favorite foods were fresh fruit, salads and sauerkraut.  As a vegetarian for nearly 20  years she has experimented with nutrition, fasting, cleansing, mono diets and counseled clients on the Arise & Shine Clean-Me-Out Colon Cleanse (1993-96).  A fruitarian six months during the Canadian winter she ran long distances daily (up to 17 miles) and never felt so energetic in her life! 

With years of a raw lifestyle this is obviously not a fad with Natasha.  She knows the health benefits of living raw and is dedicated to Living Foods.  Natasha is passionate about motivating others to make changes that will enrich their lives.  She leads a very active lifestyle, is extremely athletic and fit (in spite of developing fibromyalgia from a sports injury) and works out daily (rock climbing, long distance running, hiking, skating, yoga, pilates, and biking).  Her strength, endurance and well-being is directly attributed to an optimal Raw Vegan Sports Diet.

Do you need an outstanding motivator and coach?  Natasha is highly enthusiastic about the Raw Lifestyle and her desire and goal is to help others achieve superior health, vitality and athletic performance through a Living Foods Diet.

Natasha is available for personal one to one consultations.  She  provides a sharing of her vast resources, delicious recipes and SUPPORT for your transition to a high raw diet.  She also teaches how to prepare deliciously simple raw vegan cuisine in a friendly, fun environment.

Need a personal chef/trainer, or help with a raw food retreat?  Call or email Natasha.

Does your restaurant need an innovated raw food touch?  Natasha is currently preparing raw pies for various restaurants and clients in Ottawa.


(Natasha Kyssa is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Chef, Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Raw Nutrition Specialist; and a Living Food Educator and graduate of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute )

Natasha can be contacted by Email: or by Phone:613-234-0806


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