Karen Curinga

Author of "The Greatest Diet on Earth" - Sandy, Utah

Are you ready to live life at its highest level? There is a subtle, but very real, connection between the mind, body and spirit that can, amazingly enough, be released and accessed through the way we eat and the kinds of food we eat. Years of personal research and living this lifestyle have led the author on the path of optimum health. Inside this book you will find all the tools you need to:

* Unlock the extraordinary power of food
* Attain weight loss NATURALLY and maintain it...for good
* Develop the power of mental calmness and clarity
* Rise to a new level of self-awareness and self-esteem
* Attune to your incredible energy and stamina
* Discover your true mind/body/spirit connection
* And much more!"



(Based in Sandy, Utah, Karen Curinga is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education as a Raw Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Personal Trainer)