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 I have been asked over and over again, “what do I serve for the Holidays”?

So I have decided to send you a few easy recipes.


Holiday menu suggestion: Center your feast around an elegant nut loaf garnished with edible

flowers. Start with an appetizer or two. Add a few side dishes and salads. Top off your holiday

feast with a couple fabulous desserts. Everyone will be surprised that you can have a wonderful

holiday meal without the turkey and all the cooked trimmings, and it still be healthy.

Holiday Dessert Tray Suggestion: Almond Cookies, Carob Balls, Carob Raisin Balls, Banana

Wraps (sliced), Date Nuggets and Raw Holiday Fudge.



Stuffed Mushrooms

10-12 large portabella mushrooms, cleaned

1 clove garlic

. cup pine nuts, soaked 5-6 hours

. cup parsley, washed, dried, minced

(or dried to taste)

1-2 tsp fresh basil, minced

(or dried to taste)

2 tsp miso

1. Using a small spoon, carefully scoop out

center of mushroom

(save stems and centers for other recipes).

2. Combine remaining ingredients and stir well

3. Pack mixture in center of mushrooms.

4. Enjoy as appetizer or with meal.


Nut Loaf

3 cups combination of your favorite nuts and seeds

(almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, pumpkins seeds, sunflower seeds)

½ red onion

1-2 garlic cloves

3-4 tablespoons poultry seasoning (more or less to taste)

1-2 tablespoons psyllium


1cup sun dried tomatoes (soaked 2 hours)

¼ -1 jalapeno pepper (to taste)

1 garlic clove

Cayenne and/or and chili pepper to taste

5 pitted dates

Cilantro (fresh: ½ cup, dried: 1 tablespoon)

 ¼ cup red onion chopped

Blend well.

In a food processor finely chop nut and seeds and set aside in large bowl. 

Chop onion and garlic either by hand or in food processor and add to nut mixture.

Add poultry seasoning and psyllium and mix thoroughly. Shape into small loaves.

Place in dehydrator at 110-115 degrees for 1 hour. Spread sauce on top and

 continue to dehydrate for 2 more hours (depending on how dry you want your loaf).

 ***may form the nut mixture into balls and dip in sauce before dehydrating them for 1-2 hours.


Mashed Potatoes

1 head cauliflower

 Put ½ head cauliflower in food processor and process until fine.

 Repeat with the other half of head. May add your favorite herbs or leave plain.

Serve with quick and easy gravy.


Quick and Easy Gravy

2 tablespoons miso

1 tablespoon raw almond butter

1         tablespoon raw tahini

1-1 ½ cups warm distilled water

Blend all ingredients starting with 1 cup water and adding more if too thick,

**May use all almond butter or all tahini


Cranberry Salad

2 cups cranberries

1 apple

1 orange

2 pears

. cup pitted dates

. cup orange juice

. cup raisins

. - . cup honey

. tsp graded orange rind

1/8 tsp cloves

. tsp ground allspice, cinnamon & ginger

Grate orange and put aside.

In food processor, grind cranberries and put into bowl.

Chop apple, peeled orange, pears &

dates in food processor.

Add to cranberries.

In a bowl, mix orange juice, raisins, honey, and spices.

Add to fruit mixture and refrigerate overnight

for flavors to blend.

*Fresh cranberries are desired, but frozen

will work if out of season.


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“Mostly Raw Recipes” by Vickie Fisher (owner of The Raw Vegan Network)

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It’s that time of year again. It’s December with all the excitement of Christmas. What does that mean to you?

Is it all the gifts under the tree, lights in the windows, cards in the mail, snow in the yard, stockings hung in the living room,

dinners with family and friends, and shouts of “Merry Christmas” to those who pass by in the streets?

For me Christmas is a season of great joy. It is the time of God showing His great love for all.

Christmas is when I celebrate the birth of the Christ child. God sent His son Jesus

so that one day He would grow up and bring salvation to all when He died

on the cross for our sins. No matter what is happening in my life,

 I know the joy I have at Christmas will last all year long because I

know Jesus is the reason for the season! Rejoice!  






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