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Online Live Food Certifications Course

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At least 20% of all income goes to charity

To Register For the Course with Four Certifications ($399)
You will receive the link for the course within 24 hours after payment is received.
   Before paying see refund policy at the bottom of this page!

When you register you will receive a link with the website address of the online course to study to receive your:

Raw Chef Certificate
Raw Nutrition Specialist Certificate
Raw Lifestyle Coach Certificate
Raw Fitness Coach Certificate

A 5-part online course to receive all four above Certifications! Study at your own pace!
The Raw Vegan Network is offering Online Raw Chef, Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and Raw FitnessCoach Certification Courses!!! Now you can earn your Certifications online and be a part of our Raw-Vegan Network of Raw Chefs, Lifestyle and Fitness Coaches around the world, a network that lets you help people go raw and educate your community about organic living foods, as your career!!!

You receive:
*Four Certificates
*Client Referrals
*Listing on The Raw Vegan Network Page
*Post-graduate materials including business card, etc...
*Help marketing your service
*Press Release about you to your local media
*Free Personal Consultations for your own raw-food journey

About The Raw Vegan Network
Going raw and staying raw sometimes seems impossible! The Raw-Vegan Network is an entity that envisions and works towards a world where it is not just possible, but easy and fun to go raw for life!

The social implications are vast: A world where social problems rapidly evaporate like the toxins from our bodies when we go raw! You will be helping to ease and remove pain, suffering, and disease, lengthen life, improve the quality of life, improve people's relationships with their families, and weave beautiful strands in the fabric of life on earth! The only way we will change the status quo is for each individual to live according to their own highest potential spiritually, mentally, and physically, - and the Raw-Vegan Network is there to help!

What it means to be a member of the Raw-Vegan Network
As a graduate of this course you will be a lifetime member of The Raw Vegan Network. You will be listed on our website as a Raw Chef, Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and/or Raw Fitness Coach, according to your preference, so people in your area seeking raw support can contact you for your services! You will be supported with online post-graduate materials and a link to obtain free business cards. Includes information about how to promote your services in your community, including lots of creative and fun ideas that will both spread the word about the raw-vegan diet and result in clients for you.

We receive frequent requests for raw-vegan services and will refer any requests from your area to you to become your clients. We also refer clients from around the country to our network for email and phone consultations.

We will also create a web page just for you to use to let people know about your services!!! We will submit a press release about you to local and national media in order to generate clients for you. For us this is a fun adventure that we are excited to be a part of!!! It is the ultimate way for us to use our teaching, advertising, marketing, public relations, writing, Internet, and production skills to help the raw movement and the health of the human family everywhere.

About our Online Course Program:
When you take our Online Course you will receive a link via email to the course materials online. The page you receive has a link that contains links to 5 other pages, each from 20-25 printed pages long, which you can read online or print out. We recommend studying one section per week for five weeks. However you are free to do the course at your own pace! Start anytime. Finish when you want. The course also contains extensive recommended reading lists, plus post-graduate support via email. When you have completed the course, you let us know via email and then we mail you all four certificates (Raw Chef Certificate, Raw Nutrition Specialist Certificate, Raw Lifestyle Coach Certificate, and Raw Fitness Coach Certificate).

We currently have graduates from around the U.S. and the world (including Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Philippines, Italy, and Denmark!). We have been offering this Online Course since March 2003.

Course Outline:
1.) Introductory Segment: Basics of Health and the Raw-Vegan Diet
-Scientific proof for the raw-vegan diet
-Healing Herbs, Juicing, Fasting, Exercise, ---Sleep, and Water
-Spirit/Soul/Body connection
-The Nature Connection
-Enzymes, Digestion, and The Human Body
-Food, Nutrition, and Photosynthesis
-Recommended Reading

2.) Raw Chef Segment: Simple-Gourmet Raw Food
-Being a Raw Chef
-How this certification works together with the others
-The philosophy behind simple-gourmet raw food
-Recipes for all occasions
-Tips for buying food
-Tips for inventing new recipes
-The Kitchen Garden
-Spiritual aspects of food preparation
-Establishing a raw food delivery service

3.) Raw Nutrition Specialist Segment: Healing-Gourmet Raw Food
-Being a Raw Nutrition Specialist
-How this certification works together with the others
-The diseases & Their cures. Why they work
-Gourmet recipes that heal. What they heal and why
-Healing with Juices
-Healing through fasting. Types of fasts
-Healing with enemas
-Healing with simple-gourmet raw food
-Foods and their properties
-Foundations of a balanced raw diet
-Rejuvenation through the simple-gourmet raw diet

4.) Raw Fitness Coach Segment: Ultimate -Health through Raw Workouts
-Being a Raw Fitness Coach
-How this certification works together with the others
-The importance of exercise
-Designing a work-out that works for you
-Developing the work-out habit
-Designing a work-out that works for your client
-Supporting the client in developing the work-out habit
-Different ways of providing personal training services

5.) Raw Lifestyle Coach Segment: Helping People Go Raw
-Being a raw lifestyle coach
-How this certification works together with the others
-Supporting the individual through transition
-Supporting the individual through detox
-Supporting the individual through initial stages of being raw
-Supporting the individual in being raw in society
-Supporting the individual through family issues related to diet

Post-Graduate Section:
-we send you your certificates via US Postal Service (snail mail)
-online documents with instructions on starting your raw service
-phone/email consultations to help you to determine your goals for your service
-personalize a plan for making your business work
-work with you to build your web page
-help generate clients for you
-help you with any questions that come up as you work with clients
-send you a CD video of Storm's "The Circular Workout"

To register for our Online Certification, please use one of the links below and also email us a little bit about yourself. You can register and start at any time and study at your own pace. We are open to everyone no matter what your current level of health, as long as you are committed to personally moving in the direction of eating a predominantly raw-foods diet, at your own pace. We believe that if you are moving in this direction, you can be of service to others! Sometimes the people who show the most dramatic improvement can be the greatest inspiration to others. Working in the raw field will give you the added impetus and inspiration you need to take care of yourself and be healthy! When you are helping others, it is easier to see why you should help yourself!!! *Service is Love in Action*

The course, the four certificates, the post-graduate support is now available for $399 total. This is a one-time payment that covers the course materials, the four Certificates, the post-graduate support, your webpage, client referrals, and lifetime membership in the Raw Vegan Network. There are no other fees at any time. We do not take commissions for work/clients that we refer to you. Everything listed above is included in this price. To Register today for this Online Course and receive your Raw Chef Certificate, Raw Nutrition Specialist Certificate, Raw Lifestyle Coach Certificate, Raw Fitness Coach Certificate and post-graduate support from The Raw Vegan Network, please click the registration link below:

 At least20% of all income goes to charity

To Register For the Course with Four Certifications ($399) You will receive the link for the course within 24 hours after payment is received.

Before paying see refund policy at the bottom of this page!

When you register you will receive a link with the website address of the online course.

Still not sure whether this course is for you?  What do others think? Click here

If you are already a Raw Food or Live Food Chef or Practitioner and would like to join our Raw Vegan Network without taking our Online Course, you can become a lifetime member for a one-time fee of $250. You will receive a listing on our Raw Vegan Network member list, a webpage, and client referrals. Click here to Join our Raw Vegan Network Only (Course NOT included!) Please note: If you register for the course, you receive free membership in the Raw Vegan Network! You do not need to sign up for this separately.

REFUND POLICY: Due to the electronic format of this course we can not issue refunds!!!!


We gladly accept VISA and MASTERCARD, money orders and personal checks order at 1-940-855-1135. 
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