A Brief Introduction:
Ever since I was a child I had depression,  severe anxiety and a number of physical symptoms which worsened  in my late 20's. For thirty years I ate cooked foods, processed foods, meat and dairy products, raw foods were 5% of my diet.  
I became very ill, I was diagnosed with several anxiety disorders, major depression and social phobia. I  searched online and in books for info on alternative and natural remedies that could help improve my condition.  In September 2004, while doing research online I encountered a documentary about how animals are killed at slaughterhouses for food, after seeing the documentary I became vegan and an animal rights activist.  
In early 2005 while doing research on nutrition, I learned about "Living and Raw Foods" and that these foods helped countless people recover and heal from their diseases, this way of eating made sense to me and from that point my diet consisted of 60% raw foods.
In 2006 I enrolled with the Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education.  In February 2007 I got Certified as a Raw Food Nutrition Specialist  and Raw Lifestyle Coach. 

As of today my diet consists of 90% raw foods, these foods are helping me deal with my medical conditions and are diminishing my phobias, physical symptoms and depression. Raw foods are giving me clarity of mind, vitality, physical and mental health. Understand that this diet is not an overnight cure. Since no one eats the same and people have different metabolisms and medical conditions, you might lose weight, recover and heal faster or slower than others, it all depends on you and how committed you are in helping yourself. If you are truly interested in reversing, recovering and healing from your condition, you will make the commitment to start eating healthy organic raw foods today.

Contact Cindy at cindy.wright1974@yahoo.com to help you get started.


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