Food as Medicine

Hajjah-Latifah Abdul-Hamid RN, BSN, HCN



Hajjah-Latifah is a Raw Food Chef, Raw Nutrition Specialist, Holistic Nurse and Clinical Aroma Therapist.  She would like to blend her nursing skills into her raw foods services. If you have been discharged from the hospital and/or diagnosed with a health imbalance and have been advised to change your diet, and don't know where to begin, Hajjah-Latifah is the one to call.

Do you need help in setting up your kitchen, along with living food shopping and preparation, here is your help? Hajjah-Latifah can teach you in raw foods and also work with you as a holistic nurse.

Hajjah-Latifah is also available for phone consultations.  You can reach her at  to set up an appointment.

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Hajjah-Latifah Abdul-Hamid is a Holistic Nurse, Aroma Therapist and is also Certified by Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education (E.I.L.F.E.) as a Raw Nutrition Specialist, Raw Foods Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, and Raw Personal Trainer