Eden-N-The Raw


Woodbridge Virginia

(outside of Washington D.C.)

  All to often
we make weight loss more difficult than it needs to be with extreme diets that leave us cranky and starving, unhealthy lifestyle choices that undermined our dieting  efforts, and emotional eating habits that stop us before we get started. But there's a better way! You can lose weight without feeling miserable.

Begin the EDEN-N-THE RAW Lifestyle RAW Plan. This meal plan lifestyle will involve Raw food which is food that has not been cooked or heated above 118 F or denatured by chemicals, pasteurization, or irradiation. The major raw food groups are fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds, and sea vegetables.

Eden-N-The Raw is not a diet-you will continue to lose weight but is the added benefit of challenging yourself to a healthier lifestyle. Eden-N-The Raw has three phases or as I like to say "branches".


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