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Ange Vlasblom

Available online and in Belgium and The Netherlands, Europe

Nature's abundance is the best food for our health, raw and vegan!

Welcome. All the food we need for our bodies is growing on our planet. Wild edible food to pick in Nature, delicious organic food from your local farmers, organic store or market, Fruit tree picking at your local organic farmers' home. The best food is alive, vegan, organic and fresh! Enjoy Nature's raw vegan dish every day!!!

Ange Vlasblom is a certified raw vegan chef, nutrition specialist, personal trainer and coach by Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education through The Raw Vegan Network.


About Ange Vlasblom:

33 year aged woman and mother of 3 children: aged 5,7 and 12 years. Vegan, God, world peace, energy healer, yogini, writer, self -employed, natural healing, permaculture.



Raw vegan for families, Raw vegan catering, Raw vegan retreats, Raw vegan one on one coaching and personal training (aimed at your personal goals and needs/)through email, Skype or phone,


Raw vegan food preparation classes and workshops.

Raw vegan potlucks every month.


online and in Belgium and The Netherlands, Europe.


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