Eden Style

Teresa Miller

Modesto, CA


Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food


Teresa has been on the health journey for about thirty years. It was inevitable. One day at work she was asked to participate in a weight loss challenge, so she started surfing the internet for something that could motivate her to loose weight but also increase vitality and energy. She came across Raw Boot Camp, read some testimonials which were linked to lots of other sites, and began to see lots of commonalities in the testimonials that included exactly what she wanted: optimum health, vitality, energy and weight loss. So began Teresa's journey.

Teresa is available for daily inspiration and encouragement, for teaching uncooking classes, for selling raw food recipes prepared in her kitchen, for raw food prep classes and for educating and encouraging others to choose health through a raw or mostly raw food diet.

Teresa is certified with Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist .