About Ruth:
Raw/Vegan for me includes the master cleanser by Stanley Burroughs
Raw/vegetable juicing inspired by Dr. N. W. Walker D. Sc
Mixing mostly raw with vegan soups included in colder months spent in Maine.

I am only just entering the raw/vegan world - exploring and learning it for my own healing first - as I become more vibrant with my choices, I can further help my world family of clients and friends to shift their own energy fields from dead food choices to living meals.

I am certain that I was almost at a point of hospitalization myself. I had no energy, low vibration and just wanted to curl up under covers and shut life out. I am only just coming back now.

I am juicing, eating avocados with cucumber, paprika, sea salt and freshly squeezed lemon, seaweed wrapped vegetables with garlic humus and plenty of water. I include the sea salt flush every few days and the master cleanse lemonade. Vegan soups are on the menu many days during these winter months, and occasional loose leaf teas.

I believe people need to know that eating live doesn't have to include feeling deprived. I'd love to educate, retrain old beliefs about food, go into homes, businesses and gently nudge people to try another perspective. I would love to help them detoxify their cupboards, fridges, go shopping with them, teach them to juice and eat clean for a week, then see what they decide with such an awakened choice. I had that choice. I wish to create a retreat from their poor health to vibrant health in the comfort of their own homes.