Natalie Campbell-Djedje

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(416) 742-3244



Raw Lifestyle Coach

As your Raw Lifestyle Coach, Natalie will create a program according to your lifestyle and goals. Whether you aim for 50%, 75% or 100% raw, Natalie will work with you step by step to help make the transition to raw foods easier. The program does not consist of just an accumulation recipes, rather it includes creating a fitness program, a menu plan, learning how to make simple delicious raw meals, information on how to shop and what equipment to use, as well as identifying factors that may hinder your success. Natalie understands that the journey towards a raw food diet is not easy and you may often be “on and off the bandwagon”. Don’t be discouraged, you will be given the tools to make this journey a positive, long-term experience.


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