Post-Graduate Materials:

1. Questionnaire re your business goals and website
2. Marketing: Posting Flyers, Giving Talks, Internet Marketing 101
3. The eBook "The Garden Diet - Why, How and What to eat Raw"
4. Interview questions for article about you
5. Press Releases
6. Business Cards
7. Accepting Credit Cards on your Website

BUSINESS QUESTIONNAIRE (all questions are optional - don't answer anything you are not comfortable answering!)

1. Do you want us to book you to speak at health food stores, businesses, etc....?

2. How long have you been raw?

3. What is your raw % goal?

4. In working in raw food arena, what do you consider your strengths will be?

5. Are you available for phone consultations?

6. What areas, towns are you available in?

7. Are you interested in working as a live-in raw chef/personal trainer?

8. Are you willing to travel/tour (for example with celebrities/musicians/executives) as personal chef/trainer?

9. Are you interested in working in a raw food restaurant?

10. Are you interested in working at raw food retreats?

11. How many hours a week would you like to work in the raw food arena ideally?

12. What is your earnings goal in this arena?

WEBSITE QUESTIONNAIRE (all questions are optional - don't answer anything you are not comfortable answering!)

This will help us to generate clients for you and to design a website for you. Your site can be up to 5 pages long. We will host it free at 

1. what certifications do you plan to use? (one, two, three, or all four)
Raw Chef Certification
Raw Personal Fitness Trainer
Raw Lifestyle Coach
Raw Nutrition Specialist

2. which certifications would you like to list on your website?

3. what theme (such as fitness, health, etc. and colors on the page),  would you like for your website?

4. what would you like your website to be called. we can help brainstorm with you on this if you'd like.

5. how would you like your website to look?

6. what would you like to have on each of the 1 to 5 pages on your website? you can send text or just ideas and I can write the text

7. if you want photos on your site you can email them to me, give me a website address to take them from, or mail them to me at TheRawVeganNetwork., 565 Red Rock Road, Wichita Falls, TX 76305


Marketing your Living Food Services should be fun and easy! Here are our ideas for you!

Posting Flyers is a great way to generate customers. Flyers are easy to make with software found in most computer stores or online.  You can post them everywhere, and leave stacks in strategic locations.

Places to post flyers:

Health food Stores
yoga centers
car windshields in parking lots especially at grocery stores, malls, etc...
anywhere there are bulletin boards in your community
telephone poles

Places to leave stacks of flyers:

You can arrange to leave a stack of flyers with the cashier at health food stores, supermarkets, and drugstores for them to put in the bag with people's purchases. Some will do this for you. Some will be willing to do it in exchange if you put on a talk or event at their store, which brings customers in. Be sure to tell food stores that this flyer will increase their organic foods sales!

Places to hand out flyers:

chamber of commerce
Retirement Homes

Giving Talks:

All of the above are also good places to give talks at. Businesses and especially large business offices or corporate headquarters are good targets. If you speak at a business about "How Live Foods Can Improve Workplace Performance and Employee/Management/Executive Wellbeing" you would also offer to deliver live food lunches to employees who wish to sign up for this. Or you may arrange with management for them to provide these lunches for their employees, if they are a particularly progressive organization that would understand the benefit to them of doing so. You can also speak to the business community in a community center, the BBB, or the local Chamber of Commerce.

Other Ideas for Talks:

Health Food Stores: "The Healing Power of Raw Organic Foods"
Supermarkets: "Organic Foods For Health"
Universities: "Understanding Live Foods", "Live Foods: Brain Foods for Maximizing the College Experience"
Schools: "All About Food", "You are What you Eat", "Food Fun"
Churches: "God's Diet: The Healing Power of Live Foods"
Retirement Homes: "Feeling Good with Live Organic Food"
Hospitals: "Eating for Health"
Chiropractors: "Raw Food 101: Benefits of Eating it Live!"
Acupuncturists, Yoga Studios, etc....: "Raw Food For Life"

Any of these talks can be given at a community center or at your or someone's home. The plan can be to do a simple talk or an event that includes raw food samples. If doing it at a health food store or supermarket, the store may be willing to supply the ingredients for your samples.

You can set up a taste-test at health-food stores, either stand-alone or in conjunction with a talk/event. Have a plate of organic oranges and one of commercial oranges and let people see if they can taste the difference. Have a stack of your business cards and flyers for people to take.

At all the events, have business flyers and cards available for people to take. Have a book for people to write their names, addresses, and email addresses in if they would like to be contacted regarding future events or to receive more information.

Feel free to design your own marketing plan and your own talks and events!

Internet Marketing 101:

We do ongoing Internet Marketing to promote our site and The Raw Vegan Network, but you may want to do additional marketing to promote your own website. Here are some ideas:

1. Start a newsletter: have people sign up for a newsletter at your site. Send it weekly or monthly or periodically. This is a good way to collect a group of contacts who are interested in your services and products

2. Create an ebook to sell or give away online. Offer a free course on your site. This can bring lots of traffic to your site.

3. Post regularly in raw food bulletin boards and forums online. Include your website address in your signature.

4. Register your site with the top search engines

5. Post free classifieds on raw food, vegan, vegetarian, and alternative health sites that offer such.

6. Have a links page and exchange links (text links or banners) with other websites.

7. Write articles for other people's newsletters and websites, and include your website address

Most of you probably have this already, but just incase you don't....

I would like to submit an article about you to your local paper in the form of an interview. If you are interested in this, please answer the interview questions below (feel free to change my questions, or replace with your own questions!)

1. What is the raw-vegan diet?

2. What is it you do in the field of raw foods exactly?

3. How did you get interested in the diet?

4. What do you eat in a day typically?

5. How can people benefit from your services?

6. Where can people get more information about what you do?


Publicity is like free advertising, only better. To generate publicity you might consider sending a press release to local media, national media via a service such as, or to journalists who's email addresses you find online.

Here is an example of a press release:


Ojai now Offering Live Food Delivery

5/15/03 - Raw For Life Inc., Ojai, CA.
Raw For Life, Inc. is a service offering the delivery of raw-vegan (live) food to homes and businesses in and around Ojai. Jinjee Talifero is a Certified Raw Chef and Personal Fitness Trainer. "I am very excited to be able to provide this service and share with people the healing power of live foods" says Talifero. The raw-vegan live foods diet is becoming a well-known popular lifestyle choice. The diet is simple, consisting of raw fruits and vegetables and soaked nuts and seeks. There are many exciting recipes that can be made with just these simple ingredients. Raw food restaurants are opening up in many areas and have become quite successful. For more information visit Jinjee's website at or contact her at 805-458-4442.


Business cards are available at .They charge only $3.99 for shipping. The cards are free. You get 250 business cards. It says "Business cards are free at" in very small letters on the back of the cards.


Accepting Payments on your website (Free Shopping Cart Included). If you would like to accept payments for consultations or products/publications online, its a good idea to sign up for a Paypal Business Account. It is very easy! Just click below or visit