Phillip Dufrasne



(available in Namur, Charleroi and Brussels)

Most diseases are the result of poor diet. The most common disease is easy to cure with raw, natural and organic food.


As a natural hygiene practitioner, raw food is exactly what I need : all complete macro-nutrient : protides, carbohydrates and good fats necessary for the body function; easy sample recipes to make, and the opportunity to practice natural hygiene. Along time ago, I was looking for a good way to get perfect health, and finally Iíve found two ways : natural hygiene and raw food diet. As a natural hygiene practitioner I also use different ways of fasting (detoxification) to heal the most disease.




 As raw food Chef I can offer :

Delivery food and fast food,

Make menu : (three to five options)

                      (five different dishes for the lunch)

                      (recipes over a monthís time)

                      (one recipe a day)

Business lunches

Full-time service (three meals a day)

Teach clients how to prepare raw food

All recipes are : both maximum nutrient and absorption,

                        : with only two to five ingredients,

                        : no bad food combinations,

                        : only foods with good flavors,

                        : raw and organic food only (no toxins),

                        : only food that grows locally (for the environment),

                        : using wild and / or plants.

Replace junk food cravings by raw replacements foods.


As raw food Coach I can offer :

Teaching clients how to prepare raw food recipes.

Helping people transition to the raw-vegan diet.

Design a diet and exercise regimen and shop for prepare the recipes.

Design a schedule for transitioning safely to the raw-vegan diet

             with a minimum of detox symptoms.

To lose weight and fast with raw food.


As raw food Personal Trainer I can offer :

Physical fitness training combined with learning raw food preparation.

Helping the clients to develop a diet and workout regimen for healing.

Design a workout regimen that will help to reach your fitness goal.

Create a fitness program that works



As raw food Nutrition Specialist I can offer:

Why raw nutrition works.

Avoid all the diseases you could get.

Raw food is natural and organic, cook food is carcinogen.

How to take care of your body.

How to maintain a good health, and prevent disease.

Create the most healthful and delicious combinations possible.

To have a positive and relaxed mind.

To feel strongly and express motions, to live with passions and purpose.

Food combining made easy.





Phillip is certified by Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Chef, Raw Personal Fitness Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist