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Fresno, CA

(also available in Clovis, CA)



Vasiliki began her Raw Vegan Journey  after an employer recommended the book Eating in the Raw by Carol Alt.  She read it in a day; and although she was vegetarian interested in going vegan, reading the book and others on raw food resonated with her and made complete sense.  She has always been interested in food, exercise and nutrition.  Vasiliki started it all alone and found that she was always hungry and it was quite monotonous.  Then a few years later she became a Nanny for a physician who asked her if she knew anything about "RAW" and she said yes. As Vasiliki helped her along with her friend and children go raw, it reconnected Vasiliki to the lifestyle which she is so grateful for knowing.  So Vasiliki began saturating herself with information.  Vasiliki is a raw vegan chef for a physician and a part time nanny for the other.  She really enjoys making different recipes weekly and it excites her to see how it will turn out.  Vasiliki was also fortunate to visit a Raw food restaurant called Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley where the energy was amazing and the food was phenomenal.  Vasiliki felt grateful that this lifestyle found her. Helping others help themselves brings joy to her.

Vasiliki is available for food prep and to educate and be of support to others. She is available one on one or by phone consultation.  For help contact Vasiliki at .


Vasiliki is certified as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutritional Specialist, and Raw Personal Trainer through Ekaya Institute of Living Education and a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association)