Natalie Campbell-Djedje

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(416) 742-3244


Raw Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist



Natalie believes that the path towards optimum health includes a raw food diet. Raw foods have dramatically transformed her life. It has helped her provide a balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Becoming 100% raw may not be for everyone (Natalie’s diet is at least 75-80% raw) but maintaining a predominantly raw food diet will do wonders for your health.


Natalie is a certified Raw Chef, Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Lifestyle Coach. She is available for phone, email and in person consultations, raw food preparation classes, and as a speaker on the benefits of raw foods. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge to individuals, businesses, churches and other organizations about raw foods.


If you are interested in learning more about raw foods and you live in Toronto or the GTA, do not hesitate to contact Natalie at (416) 742-3244 or by email


Raw Food Chef

 Raw Nutrition Specialist

Raw Food Coach


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