"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you".

Mel J’s West Michigan Health Hub


Melody Wheatley
Board Certified Medical Massage Therapist

Raw Trainer/Coach/Nutrition Specialist

“coming soon” 

acupuncture, herbal medicine



Cascade, Caledonia, Ada, Alto, Byron Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan Area


Let me help you…..
    -Take charge of your health…. Learn how raw/whole foods can help boost your immune system and help fight off and resist many ailments.

     -Take charge of your body…Learn how raw foods help detox and can help you feel stronger.

     -Take charge of your food….Learn what foods and their combinations will help you to enjoy eating again guilt free.

-Take charge of your life....By learning how to eat right, be fit and do things to reduce stress you will be amazed at how good you feel and look.  This is not just another diet this is a lifestyle that will help you as you strive to reach your full potential.


-Give your body what it needs so it can be in optimal health to do what you need to do.


How can people benefit from my services? If you are serious about making a change, then I can help answer questions and point you to resources (recipes, etc) and encourage you that this is a path worth taking and staying on. Support is important especially starting out.


How did I get interested in the diet? Health reasons. I stumbled across some people and things like Charlotte Gerson’s documentary and have been talking to people who have switched to this after advanced disease diagnosis from their doc and have been healed for years…decades. I have also talked to doctors who look favorably at this kind of diet. One who has seen it help healing several times.




Melody is certified with the Raw Vegan Network/Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Personal Fitness Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Chef. She is also a Board Certified Massage Therapist.