Judy Meisterheim

Lexington, Michigan



After many failing attempts to lose weight including two weight loss surgeries.……….Raw foods gave Judy her life back.  She has lost 114 pounds and has never felt better.  Judy feels the increased energy and mental clarity along with the weight loss are just a few of the rewards one will achieve following this lifestyle.

Judy makes herself available to help others begin there journey into raw foods. This would include but not limit to raw demos which will lead to classes educating and preparing one for this lifestyle.  Having had her own catering business for many years she has now broadened her horizons by preparing unique raw food originals. Helping the obese obtain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle is Judy's specialty!

How can people benefit from her services ?By attaining weight loss naturally and maintaining it, developing mental clarity and rising to a new level of self awareness and self esteem, looking younger and enjoying increased energy, and becoming educated in a new lifestyle that will allow happiness and health.

Register for classes, Raw Food demo’s, or Consultations at

www.rawrevue.com  or email Judy at Rawjudy@aol.com

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