Martesa' s Bio


I have only been raw vegan since June 2007, but it has completely changed my life.  I had no idea about the raw vegan lifestyle until I was listening to a radio broadcast in New Orleans about health and our diet.  At the time, I was a true carnivore, thinking that meat and starches had to go along with every meal.  I would eat salads from time to time, but top it with chicken, eggs, and of course the fatty salad dressings. When I went back home to Chicago, I started looking up diets and was led to a raw food Meetup.  The host of the Meetup made some wonderful raw dishes, and from that moment I was convinced that this was going to be something I would try.  At the time, I was 175 lbs and miserable.  I had horrible mood swings and not to mention other health problems.  I was willing to try anything.
After adopting the raw foods lifestyle, I found that it was not difficult because I was still able to enjoy my "sweets" from fruits, raw honey, agave nectar, and other raw desserts.  Not too soon after, I didn't even need a dessert on a daily basis like I did with cooked food.  I also noticed a lot of my health symptoms went away.  My excessive dandruff, Candida infections, sinus infections, digestive problems, and PMS symptoms all cleared up.  My skin now has a glow, my moods are pleasant virtually all the time, and a by product is my 45 lbs weight loss!  I eat less because these foods are so nutrient dense. During my raw food journey, I have craved for more information on the living foods diet and natural healing.  I enrolled with The Raw Vegan Network/ Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education to obtain certificates in Raw Food Chef, Lifestyle Coach, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer.  I have also taken Raw Food Chef classes locally at Cousins Incredible Vitality in Chicago and Total Health Institute in Wheaton, IL.