Marnie is a wellness counselor and energy therapist. She has been in private practice for over 6 years. She conducts workshops and lectures on topics such as “Healing through Guided Meditation,” “DNA Activation,” and “Reading Energy through the Crown Chakra.”   


The Healing Arts

Since the age of two, Marnie has been able to see the energy field around the human body. By the age of 15, Marnie’s empathetic abilities were developed.   Her intuitive gifts lead her to further study the human energy system. Her natural gifts led her to study Reiki and the energy make-up of the human DNA.  She has since become a Reiki Master and has certified in DNA activation.  Because she is able to see the energy make-up of her clients, she is able to help release and heal unwanted energy patterns.  Marnie is also trained in Muscle Response Testing (MRT), educational kinesiology, and neuro-linguistic programming.

In the 1990s, Marnie worked and studied at Sensory Dynamics Institute, an organization devoted to physical and emotional healing.  Her work focused on using modern technology with the latest in energy medicine to help the human mind and body obtain optimal health.  Marnie trained personally with the institute’s director, Ron Wayman.  While there, she studied Kalos, a specific emotional process technique that she used to help people heal childhood issues.  She also studied light, sound and motion  therapy used to treat autism, depression, and learning disabilities. 

Marnie’s talents and skills with energy healing and her general knowledge of psychology and emotional health make her an invaluable practitioner of physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

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