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Melissa Gilbert 



Hello everyone, my name is Melissa Gilbert I am a Raw Vegan.  I had been a vegetarian for fifteen years.  I started gaining weight and changed to a vegan diet, consuming no soy products.  I was depressed, I had painful arthritis, I was still gaining weight, it was hard for me to get up off the couch and get anything done.  I did not like myself very much at all.  I knew that something had to change and that what I was eating was slowly killing me, I changed my diet again I ate fruit and vegetables only, I was feeling some relief from the pain I was having, but did not feel any better mentally.  In October 2006 I heard a lady talking about the raw food diet at the local Wild Oats store, I went home and started researching.   I had been eating raw for a long time, however was not doing it right I was not eating enough and not having balanced meals.  Today I am  100% raw and I have no pain, I have no depression, I have lost the 80 pounds of fat that was making me miserable and lazy.  I feel Great and I am living life large.  I am taking care of my family the way a family deserves to be taken care of.  I Feel light, alive and free.  I feel like a shining star sparkling in the sky.  I am healthy.


I am married to David who is also a raw vegan.  David went thru a rough transition.  Today he is feeling Great as well.  We both have more energy than ever and love to exercise daily.  Alex is our pride and joy.  Alex is 18 months old, a raw vegan baby.  He loves to go to the market every week and help pick out the greens that we eat, actually he starts eating them as we place them in the shopping cart.  He does not know what junk food, meat, cookies or crackers are, he has never had any of them.  While other kiddo’s are eating junk in the shopping cart Alex is munching on greens.

David and I have older children and 2 grandchildren Collin 6 and Haylee 7 and baby Stahl will be joining us in this life on July 6.


I have a Raw Day Care in my home.  Monday thru Friday I watch two Raw babies and Raw Alex all day, it is so fun to watch them all grow and love raw foods.  They are all so smart.  Everyone of them are way ahead of the game compared to babies on SAD diets.  I actually feel sorry for the little one’s eating SAD diets.   I write articles and interviews for a on-line raw foods magazine, called Pear Magazine.  It is a very good source of information in the raw community,  with a very creative writing staff.  Go to and Jinjee will hook you up. 



   I am available for phone consultations in helping people who are transitioning into a Raw Foods Diet. I am also available to anyone on-line as well.  I will be holding “uncooking” classes in the summer of 2008.  I will be holding seminars and retreats at that time as well.


 I have been busy writing e-books.  My Sun-Sational  recipe books are available  on my new web site  .  My books are all Sun-Sational. I have a  Raw Baby Food recipe book., Sun-Sational Juices, Sun-Sational Smoothies,  entries and desserts as well.  I am developing a book on Weight Naturalization and Herbal Medications, and another about Raising Healthy Raw Babies.  You will be able to buy books,  Raw Foods, read interesting articles and interviews and get the latest news about the Raw Food diet.  You will be able to join in on Green Apple Gossip and get the latest environmental news. It will be fun and informative. A great resource for people transitioning and I will be helping  on your Weight Naturalization Successes.


My family is planning on a move to Crestone Colorado where we will be building a Straw Bail home off grid.  We will be doing a documentary on the whole journey and will share it with you along the way.  It will be a interesting journey for this Raw Family.


You can contact me at:  for any questions, comments or consultations. 


Melissa is  certified through  the Ekaya institute as a Raw Foods Nutrition Specialist, a Certified Raw food Chef, A Raw Food Lifestyle Coach and a Raw Foods Personal Fitness Trainer .