vegan love

Lisa Maier

Sayville, NY



Lisa feels her strengths are to serve people vegan food they love, answering questions pertaining to plants  and growing plants. Right now Lisa gives out information booklets and answers questions if need be. People can get more information about what Lisa does  by talking to her in person, or reading the information she can give them in a booklet or some thing she writes. She is also available  for phone consultations.

Contact Lisa at  631-389-8383 or .

Lisa says she came to this way of life by the understanding that she is of the oxygen of a plant, and that all of the vitamins to sustain human function are scientifically proven and are from plants only. She feels she is love and wishes to serve love. She also feels anything against a plant is murder and criminal. Plants give her life.

People can benefit from Lisa's services as they learn and become a healthy vegan, as it would help heal their life and give them a long one of love.

Lisa's Poetry

Lisa is certified as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Personal Fitness Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist with Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education and as a Licensed Personal Trainer with Fitour.  She also loves to write poetry.