Leslie Lyon

Holistic Health Practitioner




(available to work in DC, northern VA and possibly MD)


Leslie had always leaned towards vegetarianism as a child. Since the age of 17 she gradually made the transition to veganism, after studying science/healing/healthcare/integrative medicine. She is now 34 years old . When her son was a few months old, a friend gave her Hygeia Halfmoon's book called Primal Mothering in a Modern World and she started transitioning to a raw vegan diet. 



Leslie's strengths are her experiences with being a public health nurse and an ER RN for almost 14 years, juicing, raw food, food combination awareness, and parenting. People can benefit from Leslie's services by increasing their healthy vibrancies. Leslie feels the need for education and truth is huge in DC and would like to spread it by being a living example in this detox/retox world. She is available for visiting clients at their homes (both sick/recovering from surgery and wellness/health promotion) as well as taking it into the inpatient setting (juicing) as she is an employee of John Hopkins (DC ER) called Sibley Hospital. Leslie is also available for phone consultations. Feel free to contact her at leslielyon@gmail.com .



Certified Raw Chef Certified Raw Lifestyle Coach
Certified Raw Nutrition Specialist Certified Raw Personal Trainer