Jeannie is availalble as a Raw Food Chef and Lifestyle Coach in Acadian Peninsula, New-Brunswick, Canada. She is also interested in working as a live-in raw chef/personal trainer and is willing to travel/tour as a personal chef/trainer.

Jeannie has a home business in Energy Medicine called Resourcing Energy Center. She feels raw food is related to more energy also.

Jeannie is certified with the Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Chef and Raw Lifestyle Coach.



Jeannie has two Ebooks she would love to share with you. Learn how to make delicious raw recipes.

Becoming a Raw Vegan Ebook :

Part 1

Plus Amazing Recipes for

Transitioning to a

Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Recipes :

Main Meals and Sauce


By Jeannie Lavallée


Featuring 52 raw food recipes including a picture for each recipe.


I am very please to offer this information to people like me who are transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle. This ebook will explain how I transitioned from vegetarianism to a raw vegan and I will also show you the recipes that helped make this easier. I also photographed all the recipes that I have made. I always preferred a recipe book with pictures because I like to see what it will look like before I make it.


I will explain all that I have learned so far from other amazing raw foodists, regarding food, health, beauty, organic living, …


I am going to present to you how I transitioned from carnivore to vegetarian and then to raw food and I will show you the recipes that I used.




Recipes included in this ebook:


Half-Raw Veggie Poutine

Portobello Supreme


Vegetable Wrap

Tostitos sauce

Délice des mers

Jeannie’s Suchi

Raw Fries

Marinated Portobello

Veggie Wrap 

Veggie Salad

Fettuccine Alfredo

Mock Tuna

Burger Suchi #2

Burger Sandwich

Tomato Sauce

Spinach Dip

Dehydrated Vegetables

Garlic Zughetti

Raw Cheese

Raw Pizza

Caesar Salad

Portobello Cheese

Mac & Cheese

Collard Wrap

Veggie Spag


Almond Salad

Raw Nacho

Colorful Salad

Garden salad

My Veggie Suchi 1 & 2


Carrot and Parsnip Fettuccine

Kale Salad

Take-out Salad

Raw Oatmeal

Marinara Sauce

Stuffed Pepper

Cheese Burger

Sunflower Pate

Small Lettuce Roll

Sunflower Pate Dish

Nori Roll

Nori Meal

Raw Pasta with Basil Cream sauce

Basil Cream Salad

Swiss Cheese

Cheese Burger #2



Size :7,3 MB

81 pages (pdf document)


You can purchase/download the ebook on website,



Becoming a Raw Vegan Ebook :

Part 2

Plus Amazing Recipes for

Transitioning to a

Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Recipes :

Breads, Crackers and Granolas


By Jeannie Lavallée


Featuring 19 raw food recipes including a

Picture for each recipe.


Recipes included in this ebook:


Flax Cracker

Burger Buns #1

Burger Buns #2

Toast & Pizza Crust

Apple & Mango Bread

Banana Bread

Corn Chips

Veggie Flax Cracker

Chocolate Banana Bread

Mix Nuts Bar

Nuts Granola Bar

My Cracker

Soft Corn Tortilla

Almond Cracker

Delight Coconut Fudge Bar

Spirulina Energy Bar

Raisin Bread


The ebook will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours after payment is received.


Size : 2,7 MB

42 pages (pdf document)


You can download the ebook for free on website,