Pure Love, Living Foods

Linda Fardella


I have been a vegetarian chef for over 25 years helping people transition from meat to fish to vegetarian to vegan to raw. I also have worked in fine French and Italian restaurants. I have much experience in luxury hospitality and love the art of presentation, which is one of my strengths. I love to exceed the expectations of others. I enjoy preparing menus for events of a gourmet caliber. I feel my strengths are to create healing menus for those with restrictive and critical care issues. I am also writing cookbooks and healing books, and I am an artist using color as a healing tool.

I presently live in the Tampa area of Florida, and will work in a 50 mile radius. However I would love to travel to offer my services, either at my or my clients expense depending upon the distance and clients needs

I have written a business plan for a raw restaurant and have built a model of one. I am considering being a consultant to an existing one. In the meantime with the proper installations, I would like to see my restaurant(s) and menus in the heart of a metropolitan area..

As a child I was diagnosed with kidney and bladder issues which could not be treated without surgery until I was 8 years old. I was ill most of my childhood, after several operations and a marriage contract to medications. When I was 18 I decided, after much research, to become a vegetarian to promote my own bodies healing. My father was a butcher ( likely a direct result of my issue) and was supportive, although not comforted by my decision. After 6 months on a strict macrobiotic diet and vegetarian diet thereafter I was in better health than ever. I began working in health food stores at 18 years and continued, managing them at times, all the while increasing my awareness to many new techniques and approaches. I began metaphysical healing techniques for myself and others in the "80's’with great results. I have not had an issue since and have continued my education and commitment to helping others heal their bodies, minds and spirit with alternative whole life living techniques.


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