Trinity Holistic

Kristi Lees

New Zealand

Born and raised in New Zealand, Kristi spent several years traveling Australia and Canada; searching, experimenting and studying. Dealing with, and overcoming with anorexia in her youth played a big part in what sparked her interest in the fitness and wellness industry. Years of dealing with her own issues towards food and exercise left her with a large amount of knowledge and a desire to assist others in getting the most out of their own life.


Kristi spent many years studying and experimenting with different diets and theories of nutrition. As well as her nutrition certificate she received through the Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education, she has also completed an Advanced Nutrition Diploma from the Alive Academy of Natural Health. In Kristiís view, nutrition should be about long term lifestyle balance - something that works all round. A way of eating that encourages health of the body as well as the mind.


This long time interest in health and healing has lead Kristi to study yoga (a passion that started at the ripe age of 12) as well as other forms of fitness. She is a certified Yoga teacher and Holistic Fitness Practitioner/Personal Trainer. When it comes to working out, she feels it is important to develop functional strength. Develop a body that not only looks and feels good but one that you can actually use effectively in everyday life; physically, spiritually and emotionally.


When working with a client she adapts what she knows and has experienced to tailor it to suit the individual. Starting where they are currently at and slowly working towards what they would like to achieve from their nutrition one step at a time. This not only ensures short term achievements, but also long term success!


Kristi believes achieving health and happiness is unique to every individual and it is important to find the right balance that fits and works for the person involved. At the end of the day it is all about the journey, all about stepping aside and finding your own way. Kristi would love to assist you in finding your way and making the most out of your life with the help of natural nutrition.


Kristi is available for nutrition coaching in person or on-line. To find out more about Kristi be sure to check out her website: or email her at