Living Raw, Living Clean, Feeling Great

Kimberly Vannett

Simi Valley, California


Kimberly's story is a little different.  She wasn't the fat girl going raw to get skinny.  She was anorexic looking to save herself and raw vegan did that for her.  She was turned off by dairy, breads, meats and was eating minimally to sustain, but found herself sick.  She didn't know raw was out there, and was THRILLED when she found it!   RAW VEGAN SAVED HER!!  Kimberly is in the process of writing an ebook about anorexia and how to overcome it with the raw vegan lifestyle.


Kimberly feels a positive attitude goes so much further than what you put in your mouth. She would like to help people realize that they don't need to beat themselves up if they cannot go 100% raw.  Set goals, strive to meet those goals and move on from there.


If you need help with overcoming anorexia, or help in just getting started with the raw vegan lifestyle, Kimberly is available to help. 


Kimberly Vannett is Certified by The Ekaya Institute of Living Foods Education (E.I.L.F.E.) as a Raw Food Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Nutrition Specialist and Raw Personal Trainer

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