Jenny Li

Hong Kong


Jenny Li has been a passionate wellness seeker for more than 10 years, and have worked very successfully with many people (including students) from all over the world to improve their health and general wellness.

Jenny is a Registered Nutritionist and also a Raw Food Coach, an inspirational wellness speaker and offer professional health and life coaching for people when needed my services. She is offering raw lifestyle coaching consultancy to help people to benefit from all her knowledge that she has gained over the years, and fast track successfully to the next level of their personal development on the raw vegan journey.

Jenny has experienced an incredible healing transformation after adopting a raw vegan diet, also known as a living foods diet. She has experienced healthy weight loss, and healed herself of many long term health problems including chronic fatigue syndrome, menstrual irregularity and anxiety. She has achieved many health improvements and benefits from changing to a raw food diet.  Aside from seeing many physical changes almost immediately, Jenny also experienced profound bursts of energy, happiness, and mental clarity.

A sudden vibrancy has swept over Jenny and she keeps further researching on eating raw/living foods is the way human beings should eat and live. Jenny has gone through many ups and downs of raw foods and hope to share her experiences in order to make it easier for others that are just beginning their own journey.

Jenny's ultimate goal through this website is to spread the ideas of “organic living, raw food diet and self-sustainability” and to help others to realize their full potential. Jenny feels we are here to grow and to make a better world for our descendants. It is my sincere desire to help other people in achieving their health benefits and happiness once they have swapped to a raw food diet. Jenny would like to  assist people in the process of improving their wellness!!

Jenny is certified through Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education as a Raw Chef , Raw Personal Fitness Trainer, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist.