Janie Fausz

Louisville, Kentucky


Janie Fausz is a Raw Lifestyle Coach. She is also available as a Raw chef/personal trainer, willing to deliver food to clients home, or teach classes in their homes.

Janie had searched for 3 or 4years about health. She had looked into holistic and ayurvedic...etc...and then had three life changing events in the course of 2 years that have altered her life. On June 28th, 2006 Janie had to have a total hysterectomy because of endometriosis. She also found out that she had hypothyroidism July of 2008, then, Dec. 5 2008 Janie fell twice in one day at work. She was told after 7 months of rehab by worker's comp doctor's that the reason the injury to her back wasn't healing was because she was FAT!. So, they withdrew from her case. Janie  lost her job because she could not return to work in the shape she was in.
Janie's dream has been over the years to be a chef. She tried at the end of the 7 months of therapy to go to school at Art Institute in Cincinnati, 2 1/2 hours from her home, husband and family...driving 4 days a week....and after 3 weeks, withdrew because of her back.
After putting on at least 40 pounds since her fall, at 5'4" Janie totaled in at approx. 230 pounds. She had never weighed that...and even used to be an aerobics instructor, and personal trainer 8 years prior.
So, through her journey this last year + Janie wanted to utilize her abilities and talents, she was certified by Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education through The Raw Vegan Network as a Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Chef, Raw Food Specialist and Personal Trainer. She has read and read and read, watched YouTube video's from Kevin and Anne Marie Gianni's renegadehealth.com, Vayla Boutenko, Wolfman, Angela stokes-Monarch and Matt...etc...on and on...and absolutely absorbed everything that the internet has to offer and read and read books...and wanted to do this. Janie thanks God that she did not end up being a regular chef...she wants to teach people to LIVE. In the past, Janie had the idea that people could choose for themselves, that they were not responsible for their eating poorly if they choose...which is why she was okay with becoming a regular chef. Now, Janie is not okay with it at all. She is revolted by ever going there. Janie feels a responsibility to others that they can be healthy...and why.

Janie has taught classes in stained glass, art, and music (piano and flute). She have a bachelor's degree BA in University studies... emphasis in music and British lit. Janie has also homeschooled her children and worked at her church in the nursery and daycare etc...but her heart comes back to a healthy lifestyle...and teaching others to have that healthy lifestyle. IT IS HER PASSION!! She longs to do this and can not wait to offer help to others.

Janie is certified as a Raw Lifestyle Coach, Raw Food Chef, Raw Food Specialist and Personal Trainer with Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education through The Raw Vegan Network.