Yogalightness - Norwich, United KingdomJane Aldiss

Norwich, UK

Jane is the founder of Yoga Lightness and is a firm believer in being able to achieve a healthy body. She has been a therapist since 88, and teacher since 99. Jane has always prepared food to delight people on a 'normal' diet and  loves the alchemy of food and preparation. Her interests are in giving talks, raw food preparation demonstrations, and supporting clients on transition to the raw diet. Health, raw food demos and transition to raw are Jane's strengths which complement her remedial yoga therapy and yoga class practice. 

As a Raw Food Lifestyle Coach Jane helps you to safely incorporate more raw foods in your diet, to whatever degree you feel comfortable. Even eating a little more Raw Food will make you a lot healthier! Jane helps you decide how far you want to go towards a Raw Food Lifestyle, and gives valuable support and knowledge about what to expect on the journey, from managing detox to how to deal with new levels of energy and health. She designs a personal diet and schedule for you, gives exercise recommendations, and teaches yoga specifically for detoxifying, giving you the basis for a practice to last a lifetime.

Jane became interested in the diet initially when her kitchen was being refitted in June 2012, and during the two weeks that she did not have a kitchen, she experimented with the raw diet, very happily. That October Jane had a one day flu virus, and in the next few days she tuned into her body and asked it what it needed for nourishment. The answer came back 'juices'. So she juiced for some days. Not only did Jane get better unusually quickly, but lost 4lbs in weight. It shocked her to see how much waste matter was just sitting in her body, so Jane embarked on a 21 day Raw Cleanse, which she undertook as a deep and reflective process. By day 22, Jane was rocking on raw and had so much energy, and enthusiasm, that it has changed her life. She had taken time out from teaching yoga, and in those 21 days Jane found a clinic to work from, and is now back at work with energy and drive that she never had before. The raw educating etc is complementary to her teaching and therapeutic work.


Jane is certified as a Raw Chef, Raw Lifestyle Coach and Raw Nutrition Specialist and has studied yoga in India, Greece and Nepal.